New arrivals

February has been an exciting month, as it has marked the arrival of my first ever batch of Hilary Clea illustrated cards. The culmination of a lot of preparation has now happened....or begun to happen, anyway. Thanks to my very good friends at Bluepepper Print and Design ( I had eight different designs made: my beautiful Birdsong collection, which celebrates some of the best loved British Birds, my new Stork card, which I created on a whim after being inspired by a friend's impending new arrival of her own, and the first of my 'Countryside' collection: a Fox and Pheasant. Ideally, I would have completed more drawings in the Countryside collection - I'm certainly not short of ideas - but time is precious to me, and I am still managing a full time job as well as the matters of this new little venture. More will come, in time - and this is just the beginning.

Add my new 100% recycled envelopes and 100% biodegradable card bags (made from corn starch, amazing, and unbelieveably strong) - thank you Eco-Craft ( - and we are ready to go to market!

Cards three in hand.JPG

The next step was a photo shoot - this was tricky. With little photographic equipment to hand, and nothing like enough light, I set up a makeshift studio in the dining room, consisting of a large peice of white card bulldog-clipped to the side of a cardboard box, a light covered in tissue paper, props (from the bookshelf, mainly) and a borrowed camera in the hope it would be slightly better than my iphone.

I don't think the photos turned out too badly, though if I learned one thing from the day, it's you can never have enough (evenly dispersed) light! You can see for yourself how they turned out in the shop.

Card photoshoot.JPG

Fingers crossed I will have the time to get the website finished and cards on's to March!

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