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A new year, a new venture...this year will (hopefully) be one of the busiest, most interesting and diverse in a long while. This year, 2015, I am setting up Hilary Clea as a brand, to showcase my illustrations in all sorts of different ways, and allow people to enjoy them in the way that suits them. It is really important to me that everything I do is sustainable, helps the environment, and is generally managed in a way that makes sense to the future of our natural resources. To me this is a no brainer, and I hope that in the future Hilary Clea as a brand will be thought of as one of the greenest companies in the UK. Everything we produce will be from recycled materials, be biodegradable, or from sustainable sources, even the packaging and labels. All this while producing products of the highest quality.

In Hilary Clea's quest to do the right thing for the environment, we will endevour to make sure that every one of our products is made in Britain, rather than being shipped or flown over from another country, wasting time, money and our resources. British Industry is in a good place right now, and I feel confident that sourcing national suppliers to give us the best quality product and service is not only completely possible, it is in fact our best option. We will pride ourselves on offering something completely unique, in both a product's excellent quality and a level of service so good that people will always come back.

So many possibilities - greetings cards and prints, homeware, kitchen accessories, stationary - the list could go on - but firstly, we need to establish what people like. Which illustrations work? should there be a range? Collections? One-offs? I have plenty of ideas just itching to be tried - and no doubt there will be lessons learned along the way.

For now, though, what better way to start than with some of Britain's best loved birds? Over Christmas, I have been developing Hilary Clea's first Collection: The Birdsong Collection. A celebration of some of Britain's iconic garden birds. The initial drawings have been done, and now on to the painting.....

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